MLB The Show 23 Tips: How to Level Up / Upgrade Your Ballplayer

Improvement. This word is important and relevant for all aspects of life, especially sports. Improvement and becoming a better player helps you climb the ranks and contribute to winning. Things are no different in MLB The Show 23, and their improved ballplayer mechanic makes improving your player that much easier in Road to the Show.

Just like last year’s game, you can improve your player by completing Skill Set Programs. You can also create different Playstyles to fit your needs. These programs unlock better archetypes ad perks as you advance, allowing the Playstyles to buff your ratings in key areas.

Playstyles consist of different perks to fit what you specifically want from your ballplayer. An example of this is power. If you want more power from your player, a perk such as Power I boosts that specific stat. This is interchangeable and can be personalized to what you want from your ballplayer.

There are additional ways to improve your ratings. These determine how your ballplayer plays on the field. Playing Road to the Show, attaching equipment, and completing Skill Set Programs can all help your ballplayer become much better.

Each action done in game helps build your ratings, you can visit the batting cage or bullpen to work on specific ratings, and Dynamic Challenges can help you improve your player. Equipment (bronze, silver, gold, and diamond) also provide boosts.

Progressing your Skill Set Program can also help with improvements. Missions will reward you with Skill Set Points, which will be used to progress you through the program. You will unlock packs for perks and equipment, and stubs which can be used to purchase more perks to cater to your style. Once at the end of a Skill Set Program, you will unlock a better version of your skill set, which rewards you with a boost to your base ratings and a new program to work on.

All in all, it is easier than ever to improve you ballplayer quickly and get him to the majors quick.