MLB The Show 23: Worst Ballparks

Ballparks in Major League Baseball are most recognizable for their architecture and looks. In MLB The Show 23, some fans could look at the build of a ballpark when selecting where to play. Here are the worst MLB stadiums to choose as your home field.

1. Oakland Coliseum

Widely regarded as one of the worst stadiums in all of Major League Baseball, the Oakland Coliseum brings a bland and outdated feel to the game.

This ballpark was built in 1966 as a baseball stadium for the Oakland Athletics, but after becoming multipurpose, it lost its aura. In 1995, Al Davis had a complex of suites and seats built in the outfield section of the stadium to make football more appealing. Fast forward 28 years later and it is an eyesore, especially when batting in MLB The Show.

With the Athletics’ move to Las Vegas coming soon, expect their new stadium to be far away from this list. Until then, the Coliseum will be a mainstay at the bottom of every MLB stadium list.

2. Minute Maid Park

While Minute Maid Park brings some neat architecture with the Crawford Boxes and locomotive in left field, dimensions play a key role in what ballpark you may choose. Minute Maid Park has a center field dimension of 435 feet, the deepest center field in the majors.

Most deep-fly’s in this park should be fine, with the other dimensions on-par with league average, but any straight-away shots to center are almost guaranteed outs.

3. Tropicana Field

Home of the Tampa Bay Rays, the Trop is another stadium widely known for being at the bottom of the rankings.

With an oddly tilted dome, deep upper decks, and dreary feel, this stadium provides no architectural appeal. It also doesn’t help that it is the 13th deepest ballpark in the Major’s.

Honorable mention, Comerica Park

Comerica was widely known as one of the deepest ballparks at 420 feet. Last offseason, the stadium got a renovation, bringing in the center field walls to 410 feet. Even with that change, this stadium still brings a vast outfield with many balls reaching just the warning track.