MLB The Show 23 Ultimate Baserunning Guide: How to Steal, Slide, Advance Runners, Tips, & More

In baseball, baserunning is an important aspect to winning or losing a game. The more runners you advance and have on the basepaths, the more likely you are to score. Many people may not know how to run the basepaths effectively in MLB the Show 23, and this is the ultimate guide to successfully making your way around the diamond.

How to Slide in MLB The Show 23:

  • Hold down L1.
  • Headfirst slide: Flick the right joystick up.
  • Feet-first slide: Flick the right joystick down.
  • Flick the right joystick right to aim for the right side of the base.
  • Flick the right joystick left to aim for the left side of the base.

How to Steal Bases in MLB The Show 23

  • It is important to get a good lead, but not too much of a lead. Hit R1 once before the pitcher’s delivery. Tapping twice will give you too big of a lead, and even the fastest players get thrown out.
  • Watch for the pitcher’s leg. Once the foot is up you can safely steal.
  • Always hold the left joystick left, so you automatically return to the base if a pitcher tries to pick you off. When ready to steal, tilt that left joystick right to steal the bag.
  • Sliding is very important when stealing a base, so make sure to refer to our sliding tips to help complete your steal.

How to Advance Runners in MLB The Show 23

  • Use LB or L1 to advance all runners at once.
  • To advance only one runner, use your left stick to select the runner you want. Then hit one of the buttons that each base represents. A, B, X, and Y for Xbox and Circle, Square, Triangle, and X for PlayStation.