MLB The Show 23: Top 5 Tips for Playing Road to the Show

One of MLB The Show 23’s most popular game modes is Road to the Show. There, you can either pick where you are drafted or get randomly selected to a team. From the draft, you go straight to the minor leagues and work your way up to the major leagues.

People often have the most fun with this mode because it can easily be played no money spent while also being a fun and immersive experience with your created ballplayer.

The game mode also brings in many new players, and often new players may be confused or overwhelmed by how immersive the mode is. Below we listed some tips for playing Road to the Show.

5. Balancing Difficulty and Experience

Difficulty varies from player to player. The experienced player may very well play on a higher difficulty than a new player would be able to succeed with. While the game rewards more on harder difficulties, some newer players may succeed more starting on an easier difficulty and going up the ranks.

4. Use the Correct Settings

Most players use drifting ball fielding settings. It may not be the same for all players, though. Try out different settings until you find setting that work for you.
A Great example is pitching settings. Pinpoint is technically the best, but many folks struggle with it too much to be useful.

3. Take the Low-hanging Fruit

When selecting drills on off days, players will get the chance to upgrade attributes. There is a point in which you should go for improving your lowest attributes, rather than attributes you use most. This is to even out your player.

2. Witty Pitching

A lower-skilled pitcher should see fear in every batter that comes up to the plate. Using the right pitches, power hitters will be hitting ground balls while contact hitters will be flying out consistently.

By hitting R2 on the controller, you can see a batter’s weak points. Make sure to target those specific points against every batter you face.

1. Big time hitting

Contact players who hit well will be moved to the top of the lineup, giving more at-bats in each game and more chances to increase attributes.
Power hitters who frequently hit home runs will find themselves batting third or fourth to maximum their RBI opportunities.