MLB The Show 23 Tips: How to Win the Home Run Derby

One of the features in MLB The Show 23 is the Home Run Derby. Located at the sight of the All-Star game, this experience is tailored to you.

Pick from current and former greats and face off in online or offline action. Ever wondered what it would be like for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to play his dad in a home run derby? You can find out. Here are some tips to always hit the best home runs.

  • Use zoom angle
  • Use sluggers with good power stats. Examples: Aaron Judge, Mike Trout, Paul Goldschmidt, Mookie Betts, Yordan Alvarez
  • Time the ball well, don’t swing too early or late
  • Pick a ballpark known as being a “hitters park”. Example: Coors Field.
  • Use your timeout wisely. Stamina is important.
  • Have fun. It is just a home run derby, hit some dingers.