MLB The Show 23 Tips: How to Unsquad / Unequip a Player

Diamond Dynasty is a card collecting fantasy game mode within the confines of MLB The Show 23. In Diamond Dynasty, you can build a team to compete online or in challenges. Buying and selling players for your squad is crucial as the game progresses.

Sometimes, you may not like a player’s attributes or playstyles, or they might simply not fit in with your team. In that instance, you would have to sell that player to either garner Stubs or pick up a new player to better fit your team. That process is called “Unequipping” a player, and this is how to perform that task.

  1. Click on the Manage Squad option
  2. You will see a field view of your team and the players currently ready to play. Scroll down to the player you would like to remove from your lineup.
  3. Click on the sub out option underneath the player.
  4. The player will now be removed from your squad, and you will be able to place them on the market.

If the pop-up message still exists, that player may still be in a different lineup. In that case, you will need to check events you played in Multiplayer Mode and sub out the player from your event squad.

This is the most efficient way to stay up-to-date with the newest cards and keeps your lineup fresh. It also does not hurt to have a little extra Stubs in your back pocket.