MLB The Show 23 Tips: How to Download the MLB The Show 23 App (Apple iOS / Google Android)

The MLB The Show 23 companion app is now available for Android and Apple ios / iphone. After some delay early, the app is finally available. Here’s how to download it:

Download links for MLB The Show 23 App: iOS / Android

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To use the MLB The Show 23 app, players are required to own MLB The Show 23. The minimum operating system requirements are Android 11 or iOS 12. Also, Stubs can’t be purchased through the app.

Here are all the things that can be found on the MLB The Show 23 app:

  • Face Scan
  • Latest News
  • Market
  • Squads
  • Notifications
  • Programs
  • Collections
  • Exchanges
  • My Inventory
  • My Packs
  • Open Pack History
  • My Orders
  • My Completed Orders
  • Packs Shop

If you’re not seeing the MLB The Show 23 app in the Apple app store via search yet, it could mean the app has not been released yet. If the app has been released but not showing in search, you can try these steps to locate the app:

  1. On the Apple App Store, do a search for “MLB The Show 23″. If it’s not showing up, click on last year’s MLB The Show 22 app.
  2. Scroll down to “More by PlayStation Mobile Inc” and click “See All”
  3. Here, you should see the “MLB The Show 23” app
  4. Click on the “MLB The Show 23” app and download

In order to log into the MLB The Show 23 app, sign in with your preferred platform / console with the app, whether you’re using PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo, you need to link your account to be able to use MLB The Show 23 face scan feature.

There you have it! Hope these MLB The Show 23 tips helped and happy gaming!