MLB The Show 23 Tips: How to Get Called Up in RTTS

MLB The Show 23’s ‘Road to the Show’ is a career game mode that gives fans the chance to experience the journey of a ballplayer through the first-person perspective. On your path to the majors, here’s how to get called up to the big show from the minor leagues:

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How to Get Called Up in MLB The Show 23

  • To get called up by an MLB team, you need to be the highest-rated player at your position. You have to have an higher overall rating than:
    • The player currently playing that position on their team
    • The players trying to get drafted onto that team
  • Easiest / Fastest Methods:
    • Find a team, then find a low rated position to take their place
    • Find a low-rated position, then target that team
    • You can choose your position as a Pitcher since there are more open spots for starters and relievers than hitters / position-players

How Long Does it Take to Get Called Up in MLB The Show 23?

The actual amount of time it takes to get called up to the majors varies and largely depends on how well you perform in-game and what methods you use (i.e. choosing a pitcher or not, etc.). Maximizing both of these can maximize your efficiency and speed up the process of getting called up.