MLB The Show 23 Tips: How to Flip Cards

In MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty, it is important to stay up to date on the newest cards released every week. To do so, a good number of Stubs in your back pocket is vital to being able to purchase new cards weekly. A way of making Stubs is “Flipping Cards”. How do you flip cards? What does flipping cards mean? We got you covered right here.

What is “Flipping Cards”?

To flip a card is to buy it for one price, then sell it for a higher price and make a monetary gain. It is a fun and easy way to make Stubs and continue building upon your squad.

How to Flip a Card?

Find a card in the market with a good difference in price between the buy and sell orders
Buy the order
Once you get it, list it for the buy now price

This can be done with any item or player in the game. It takes time, but eventually you will see your stubs balance start to grow.