MLB The Show 23 Tips: How to Complete Collections in Diamond Dynasty

A game mode in MLB The Show 23, Diamond Dynasty, is centered around tailoring your team around player cards released weekly. You can find cards in the Store, Marketplace, and challenges. There are many ways to collect player cards to help improve your lineup.

One way to earn the best-of-the-best cards is through collection rewards. Completing collections is simple, and easy to grasp.

In your collection, the item binder houses most of the cards. In there, you can sort through and look at what collections you want to complete. You can complete them through packs and challenges, depending on what gets released.

When you collect a certain number of cards in a collection, you earn certain rewards.

The concept of collection complete rewards is to entice you to either play the game or buy packs. Whether you complete a rewards set, or a packs set, make sure you know what you are locking in. If you can sell cards in the future, try and avoid locking them in until the time is right. Reading the market is important,

All in all, completing collections is a good way to improve your team and add different cards to your collection. If you are able, do not shy away from any opportunity to complete a collection.