MLB The Show 23 Tips: How to Change Pitching Style / Interface: Classic, Pinpoint, Pulse, Meter, & Pure Analog

Here’s a tutorial for how to change your pitching style and interface in MLB The Show 23. The Pitching Interface is a feature in MLB The Show 23 that lets users change the look and functionality of pitching, each with its own benefits and disadvantages. In the game there are five Pitching Interfaces: Classic, Pinpoint, Pulse, Meter, and Pure Analog.

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MLB The Show 23 Pitching Interfaces

  • Classic: Just aim and throw the ball, with velocity automatically calculated by the pitcher’s own attributes.
  • Meter: similar to the field goal kicking meter in Madden 23 and the shot meter in NBA 2K23. A line will travel up and down a meter and users have to time it at certain spots for the best results. The first pass is for velocity and the second for accuracy.
  • Pinpoint: the most complicated but with the most precision after getting past the learning curve. First you use the left stick to aim, then the right stick has to follow a pitch-specific pattern while meeting two closing circles.
  • Pulse: makes the aiming marker a pulsating circle and you have to time the button press when the circle is at its smallest for the best accuracy.
  • Pure Analog: aim the pitch with the left stick, then the right stick is pulled down before being pushed up in the same direction as the left.

How to Change Your Pitching Style in MLB The Show 23

  1. While in a game, pause the game and go to Settings > Gameplay > Control > Defense
  2. Go to Pitching Interface
  3. Here you can change your Pitching Interface to either Classic, Meter, Pinpoint, Pulse, or Pure Analog. Under this section you can also change your Pitching Ball Marker and Pulse Meter Display (for the Pulse interface).