MLB The Show 23 Tips: How to Bunt

MLB The Show 23 is considered one of the best sports games out right now. It offers a consumer-friendly experience with critically acclaimed gameplay. A sneaky tactic to help win ballgames is bunting. The bunt is a common tactic in baseball to put runners into scoring position, score a runner from third, or get someone with speed on base. Instead of a common swing, players line up the bat parallel to the plate and softly hit the ball a short distance.

MLB The Show 23 Bunting Explained

The strategy behind bunting is to either catch your opponent paying no attention to the game, or to simply move runners that are on base. It is one of the best ways to get on base because it is an easy-to-execute move that is hard to defend. Whether you are trying to score a runner, trying to get your first hit, or trying to get a runner on the basepaths, bunting is widely considered a great strategy.

If a pitch is out of the strike zone, it is important you refrain from bunting. Try and diagnose the pitch and diagnose the situation. Bunting direction is important too, as bunting the ball to the pitcher or right to the catch will likely result in a quick out. Use the left analog stick to aim your bunt down the right or left field lines to garner the best chances of reaching first safely. Always make sure to keep the bunts direction towards the ground. If there is a fast pitch you bunt at, it could pop up in the air resulting in a quick out if you don’t keep the direction towards the ground.

Types of Bunts in MLB The Show 23

Types of bunts include the regular bunt, the sacrifice bunt, and the drag bunt. Below will be these bunts explained.

  • Regular Bunt – Used to get on base specifically.
  • Sacrifice Bunt – Implemented to move runners over a base or score a runner.
  • Drag Bunt – Mainly used by lefties, it allows the hitter to move towards first while placing the bunt.

How to Bunt in MLB The Show 23


  • Regular Bunt: Press and hold Y.
  • Sacrifice Bunt: Press and Hold Y early.
  • Drag Bunt: Press Y late.
  • Bunt Direction: Use the left analog stick.


  • Regular Bunt: Press and hold triangle.
  • Sacrifice Bunt: Press and hold triangle early.
  • Drag Bunt: Press triangle late.
  • Bunt Direction: Use the left analog stick.

Nintendo Switch:

  • Regular Bunt: Press and hold X.
  • Sacrifice Bunt: Press and hold X early.
  • Drag Bunt: Press X late.
  • Bunt Direction Use the left analog stick.

Article contributed by Anthony Schulte