MLB The Show 23 Tips: How to Beat Showdown

Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 23 is an immersive card collecting game mode where you put the best in your card collection against folks online or the CPU offline. One of the most popular offline experiences is the Showdown mode.

In Showdown, you draft a squad. Think Draft Champions in Madden Ultimate Team. It puts you against some of the best baseball players in history. The catch though, is that you can upgrade your team as games go by. This game modes rewards you with players, items, and Stubs.

These games are not the easiest to endure and can challenge even the most skilled of gamers. Below is a list of tips to make your experience easier.

Check who you are playing before drafting your team. To do this, press B or circle. Check to see if you are playing a right or left-handed pitcher. This will impact how and who you draft.

  1. Utilize your perks.
  2. Build your squad and pick your best perks before every game.
  3. Choose players with high clutch attributes. It directly impacts their ability to hit the ball. If a player has low clutch attributes, keep them low in the batting order or on the bench.
  4. Play it safe. Don’t go for the big play, for example bunt a runner over and get easy runs. The CPU is smarter than you think.