MLB The Show 23 Road To The Show (RTTS) Full Details

We breakdown the full details of MLB The Show 23 Road to the Show!

Revamped Ballplayer Hub UI

  • Revamped the UI to make it more intuitive and a lot easier to navigate
  • All the info you need for the player is there, including:
    • Overview
    • Playstyle
    • Skill Set
    • Perks
    • Equipment
    • Appearance

On-the-Field Training

  • Brought back on-the-field training
  • Goal was to have it be more immersive and to “get the player into the game”
  • Helps players know what they need to do to better themselves, whether it’s hitting or pitching
  • Focused on positive attributes and you can level up
  • There’s no penalties if you do bad in the training

MLB The Show 23 Face Scan

MLB The Show 23 Draft

  • A new team reveal cut scene

MLB Network

  • Recorded new MLB Network segments with host Robert Flores, along with analysts Carlos Pena and Jake Peavy.