MLB The Show 23 Easter Egg Hunt Guide: Locations, Answers, Hints, Rewards, & More

With Easter Sunday this weekend, a new program in MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty celebrates the holiday with “The Great Egg Hunt” special. In this guide, we list out how to unlock all Easter eggs, Easter egg locations, hints, missions, answers, rewards, and more!

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How to Find All Easter Eggs in MLB The Show 23

First, to access the Great Egg Hunt, navigate to Diamond Dynasty > Play > Programs > Other Programs > The Great Egg Hunt, Discover 9 Hidden Eggs. Then click on the Collections drop-down menu to access all the hints. We’ve outlined what tasks to do to get each of the nine Easter eggs.

Hidden Egg 1
Go to the Main Menu > Moments > Other Programs > The Great Egg Hunt. Then complete all 5 moments to get the first Easter egg.

Hidden Egg 2
Win the Mini Season, which consists of 28 regular season games.

Hidden Egg 3
Beat the Conquest Map in the Diamond Dynasty. You’ll also receive the hidden conquest rewards.

Hidden Egg 4
Participate in the Battle Royale games and hit a Homerun and win this mode to get the egg.

Hidden Egg 5
Complete a Ranked Seasons game. You’ll receive the egg if you get a save.

Hidden Egg 6
Get walked five times in a Ranked Seasons game.

Hidden Egg 7
Get 1000 Parallel XP with the cards in the program.

Hidden Egg 8
Beat a bird-based team (Orioles, Blue Jays, or Cardinals) in full play against the CPU on any difficulty.

Hidden Egg 9
Play and complete a full game event.

The Great Egg Hunt Reward Path

  • 10 points: 95 OVR Catfish Hunter
  • 20 points: Egg Hunt Universal profile icon and 1500 XP
  • 30 points: 96 OVR Alex Bregman
  • 40 points: Five ‘the Show’ packs and 1500 XP
  • 50 points: 95 OVR Gregory Soto
  • 60 points: Three ‘Ballin is a Habbit’ packs and 1500 XP
  • 70 points: 97 OVR George Springer
  • 80 points: 97 OVR Reggie Jackson and 1500 XP
  • 90 points: Golden Egg Universal Profile icon and 3000 XP