MLB The Show 23 Download Size & Pre-Load Date

MLB The Show 23 Download / Install Size

The MLB The Show 23 download / install size is about 77 GB for Xbox Series X/S and about 45 GB for Xbox One (about 122 GB combined). For Playstation 5 it’s about 67 GB and for Nintendo Switch it’s about 20 GB. If needed, gamers can make room for MLB The Show 23 by clearing out storage space on their console or connecting an external hard drive to their console.

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How Long Does it Take to Download MLB The Show 23?

The large download size means it may take a good while to download, depending on a user’s internet connection speed.

Pre-Load Date

The pre-load date for MLB The Show 23 is live now (March 13) for Xbox users.

MLB The Show 23 launches for current/last and next-gen platforms on March 24 for early-access, and March 28 for everyone.