MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty: Best Cards at Every Position

Diamond Dynasty is one of, if not the most popular modes in the MLB The Show 23. You collect cards through packs, challenges, or the marketplace. Once you build your team, you can compete offline or online with your favorite players or the best players. Card collecting fantasy modes are popular within sport simulation games, and Diamond Dynasty is the pinnacle of these experiences.

The aforementioned best cards in the game are subjective to player and time in the game cycle. Recently, we looked at trends of cards used on YouTube and X to put together a list of the best players to use in MLB The Show 23. Check them out below!

MLB The Show 23 Best Cards in Diamond Dynasty


  • Catcher: 99 overall Diamond Will Smith
  • First Base: 99 overall Diamond Austin Riley
  • Second Base: 99 overall Diamond Ketel Marte
  • Short Stop: 99 overall Diamond Jackie Robinson
  • Third Base: 99 overall Diamond Chipper Jones
  • Right Field: 99 overall Diamond Ronald Acuna Jr.
  • Center Field: 99 overall Diamond Ken Griffey Jr.
  • Left Field: 99 overall Diamond Alex Gordon
  • Designated Hitter: 99 overall Diamond Jose Ramirez


  • 99 overall Diamond SP Joe Musgrove
  • 99 overall Diamond SP Justin Verlander,
  • 97 overall Diamond LRP Felix Bautista
  • 99 overall Diamond MRP Kenley Jansen
  • 99¬† overall Diamond setup Billy Wagner
  • 99 overall Diamond closer Mariano Rivera