MLB The Show 23 Challenge of the Week Explained: Tips, Rules, Prizes, & More

Challenge of the Week is a game mode in MLB The Show 23 that let’s you compete in challenges for a chance to win prizes. Here are the rules and gameplay tips for Challenge of the Week mode in MLB The Show 23.

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Weekly Challenges start on Friday at 12:00 PM PT and end the following Friday at 11:59 PM PT. Any score posted past this time will not count towards your Challenge of the Week score.


Challenge of the Week uses your User Settings while playing the mode. Be sure to check options within the pause menu to adjust your batting views and User Settings to help gain an edge.


Balls that are hit in play will receive one point per foot traveled and will be multiplied by your total momentum boost. Balls hit foul will also receive one point per foot traveled but will not be multiplied by your total momentum boost.

Three consecutive hits will increase the difficulty level and provide a momentum boost multiplier.

Different hit types will provide a different momentum boost multiplier.

Difficulty resets to Rookie and momentum boost resets back to X1 after each out.

Taking balls can raise your multiplier quickly.

Once the contestant scores their third out, the challenge is over and the contestant’s score is recorded to the leaderboard for that week. When a contestant participates in a weekly challenge more than once, the best score will overwrite the previous score.


There are four bonuses during each weekly challenge. Bonuses will also provide points along with a momentum boost multiplier upon achievement of the bonus requirements. Bonuses can be achieved multiple times in a session.


Each contestant is allowed three (3) outs. Three (3) Strikes equal one (1) out. Foul balls count as strikes up to two (2) strikes. Contestants cannot strike out on a foul ball. Bunting is not allowed.


Autographed prize winners may only win one autographed piece of memorabilia throughout the duration of Challenge of the Week offerings within MLB The Show 23. If a winner places first and has already received an autographed piece of memorabilia, they will only be qualified to win a digital reward placed within the top ten winners.

Digital reward winners are allowed to win multiple weeks throughout the duration of Challenge of the Week offerings within MLB The Show 23.


If a user chooses to quit their try before it concludes, their current score will be stored and the user will earn a one (1) strike penalty. The user will be able to complete their try, however, any Active Streak statistics (Distance and Momentum Boosts) will be lost.


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