MLB The Show 22 Online Co-Op Explained + Full Details

For the time ever in the game’s history, MLB The Show 22 is adding online co-op mode. Read on for a full breakdown of the new online co-op mode, captains, in-game position rotations, and co-op in Diamond Dynasty mode!

Online Co-Op General Details

  • Choose your favorite MLB or MiLB teams in Play Now mode online or with your card collection in Diamond Dynasty.
  • Can combine your select Diamond Dynasty cards with your teammates’ collections to field the ultimate team.
  • Players start in the Co-Op Lobby in order to set up these matches
  • Gamers have the option of teaming up with random players online or inviting friends
  • Specific matchmaking will not be available, opponents will be randomized with other online players.

Captain Responsibilities

  • Captains are designated by default to the first player in that lobby, but can also be assigned to another player before the game begins.
  • Captains choose pre-match settings such as stadium, time of day, and setting the lineup before a game starts.
  • Captains are tasked with making Manager decisions such as bringing in a pinch hitter or warming up a pitcher in the bullpen.

In-game Rotations

  • Players will alternate between different positions and these roles alternate for each inning.
  • Defense in 3v3 co-op:  gamers will either play as the Pitcher and Catcher, play the Infield, or play the Outfield.
  • Defense in 2v2 co-op: gamers will either be the Pitcher and Catcher or play the full field on Defense.
  • Batting: it will rotate between players for each at-bat, not specific to the part of the field you played,
  • Base-running: If you get on base you’ll be player locked as the runner while your teammates handle the at-bats.


  • Co-op will have voice chat, text chat, and quick emojis to react.
  • There’s a Pitch Suggest feature where non-pitching teammates can suggest a specific pitch and location to the current pitcher on the mound.

Co-Op in Diamond Dynasty

  • Along with online Play Now with regular teams, users can play 2v2 or 3v3 co-op in Diamond Dynasty.
  • When the match is created, both teammates are able to select specific players from their own Diamond Dynasty collection to create a combined lineup for the game.
  • In 2v2, each user will select 6 Diamond Dynasty players: 3 position players, 1 starting pitcher, and 2 relievers.
  • In 3v3, each user will select 4 players each: 2 position players, 1 starting pitcher, and 1 reliever.
  • The rest of the Diamond Dynasty lineup will be filled out with random Live Series cards from each player’s own Diamond Dynasty collection.
  • Before the match starts, the Captain chooses between two hidden and randomized options at starting pitcher.
  • Everyone in the lineup must be a unique player, so users can’t choose the same players as their teammate.
  • Parallel boosts will come from the player who chose that card at match creation.
  • No competitive rewards will be available in Diamond Dynasty co-op at launch, but it’s a feature they’re MLB The Show 22 is planning to add.

MLB The Show 22 will be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.