MLB The Show 22 Adds New Commentators / Announcers John Sciambi & Chris Singleton

Play-by-play announcer John Sciambi and color-analyst Chris Singleton are your new commentary team for MLB The Show 22.

Here’s a look at what went into the new commentary:

  • 128 separate recording sessions occurred, which included 350 recording hours and approximately 45,000 lines of audio. No wonder Boog and Singy cloned themselves in the video with Coach!
  • Commentary systems have been redesigned for several major categories, including game intros, home run calls, post-play analysis, and more
  • A new conversation system has been implemented, allowing for more natural banter between commentators that seamlessly integrates into the live action of each game. Boog and Singy recorded a lot of their lines together to bring this feature to life.
  • Audio stitching enhancements increase the variety of both play-by-play calls and color commentary and improves upon player name integration. An enhanced dynamic range of play-by-play calls has also been implemented to match the excitement of each moment.
  • Content captured from both real-life MLB broadcasts and MLB The Show-called commentary leads to a curated experience unique to each player.

“Working with San Diego Studio over the past few years has truly been one of the most memorable experiences of my career,” Chris Singleton said. “This isn’t easy work for any of us but we all became a family and enjoyed the grind together. The entire team loves the sport of baseball so much that oftentimes our recording sessions featured passionate off air discussions/debates about the sport.”

MLB The Show 22 will be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch everywhere on April 5th.