How to Get MLB The Show 23 Early / Early Access

If you want to know how to get MLB The Show 23 early and before the official release date, look no further! Getting early-access to MLB The Show 23 has the distinct advantageous of getting a head start on playing the game and trying things out. Luckily ‘The Show’ fans, there are three different ways to get the game four days before the official release date. Here they are below!

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1. Pre-Order the Captain Edition

One of the perks of pre-ordering the MLB The Show 23 Captain Edition is getting the game four days early.

2. Pre-Order the Digital Deluxe Edition

Along with MLB The Show 23 Captain Edition, the Digital Deluxe Edition offers early access to get the game four days early.

3. Buy the MLB The Show 23 Xbox Game Pass Early Access Bundle

You also have the option of buying Xbox Game Pass to get early access to MLB The Show 23.

There you have it! Whether you get the game early, on the official release date, or sometime after, this year’s game looks to provide baseball fans a great virtual baseball experience on the diamond.