Best Players to Use in MLB The Show 23: Diamond Dynasty

Diamond Dynasty is a game mode within the confines of MLB The Show 23. Just like Madden’s Ultimate Team and 2K’s MyTEAM, this is a card collecting mode with current stars and past legends in the MLB.

An immersive experience, you can buy store packs or players with their in-game currency “Stubs”. With the cards you gain from either packs or the marketplace, you fill out a roster of position players, pitchers, and backups. You may be wondering, what players are the best to use? Here is a list of the best players to use in MLB The Show 23.

99 OVR Diamond Elly De La Cruz:

De La Cruz brings versatility like no other. A switch-hitting bat with excellent speed, hitting, and fielding stats gives your lineup some key elements at an elite level. He offers a great swing and is one of the biggest surprises this MLB season. You can find tis fan favorite rookie in the marketplace or Chase Pack set five.

99 OVR Diamond Randy Johnson:

Something important to every pitching rotation is having a lefty arm to throw out. It is a very valuable asset, and Johnson provides exactly that. He is widely considered “not hittable” and is not much more than that. He is obtainable through the set two collection.

99 OVR Diamond Shohei Ohtani

Ohtani brings a dynamic two-way attack to both sides of the game. He can be your designated hitter, while also toeing the rubber. You can snag this card from the June monthly awards.

99 OVR Diamond Chipper Jones

Jones is a wildcard pick here at four. He is a versatile switch-hitting bat with an incredible swing. He provides great defense at third base. Obtainable through the set one collection.
99 OVR Mickey Mantle

A common theme throughout this list has been a switch-hitting presence in the lineup. Mantle has what is highly regarded as “incredible” defense and speed. He is available in the marketplace and the Chase Pack set four.

As always, this list is based off consensus and opinion. If you play better with your favorite players or other players, use them!