Best Ballparks to Play at in MLB The Show 23

An underrated aspect of MLB The Show 23 is where you play your games. Dimensions, elevation, and altitude all play major factors in the outcome of games.

In The Show, you can select the ballpark you can play in if you are the home team. Here is a list of the best ballparks to use in games.

1. Capitol Lange Park

Capitol Lange Park provides good elevation of ‘282 and has good field conditions. The dimensions are reasonable and provide a good offensive advantage.

2. Laughing Mountain Park

With a good elevation of 5,005 feet (about half the height of Mount St. Helens), this ballpark provides good length dimensions, too. It is a new favorite among many in the community.

3. Coors Field

A classic stadium when it comes to offensive advantage, Coors falls to three on this list only because of the MLB stadium lag. This park is known for its elevation driving balls out for home runs. It offers good dimensions too, with lengths of 347 feet to left field, 390 feet to left-center field, 375 feet to right-center field, and 350 feet to right field.

4. Shield Woods Park

This ballpark offers super high elevation of 5,281 feet (about twice the height of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world), which is good for offense slug outs.

5. Shippet Stadium

Shippet is a well-known ballpark to use. Before developers lowered the elevation, it was about 3/5 of the way to Coors Field. It is most known for its notably short dimensions, along with a good enough elevation to carry the ball out of the park.

A common theme is the use of minor league ballparks. This is due to the MLB stadium lag in online experiences due to the rendering of bigger ballparks and cities surrounding.