5 Tips for Playing Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 23

Diamond Dynasty is a game mode located in MLB The Show 23. In this mode, you can buy, earn, or collect different cards to build a team. This team can be used in online and offline games.
You can earn cards through challenges, buying packs, purchasing specific cards in the marketplace, and completing collections of other cards. If you are a beginner, this all may seem overwhelming. Here are the top five tips for the Diamond Dynasty game mode.

5. Use the Marketplace

The price difference between the price of a pack in the shop and certain players in the Marketplace is stark to say the least. In the shop, you can purchase packs with Stubs (Stubs are purchasable with legal tender while also being available to earn in game). These packs do not guarantee any certain player, just a chance at it. Many folks consider this a form of gambling and try to avoid the Store.
It is more likely someone does not get lucky and wastes Stubs, when they could have just scrolled over the Marketplace to purchase whatever player they want with the Stubs they paid for or earned. It is way more efficient to buy certain cards you want for a sometimes-lesser cost than relying on luck in the Store.

4. Take Advantage of Freebies

Just by logging in every day you can earn free items that sometimes result in a pack. Even on an off day for gamers, it is beneficial to log in every day.
Check the pack shop daily and look out for free packs. They are not advertised, so make sure to look for anything that costs zero Stubs.

3. Do not Ignore the Road to the Show Mode

Road to the Show has some great perks to help you out in Diamond Dynasty. Playing one season is often all you need to max out the Diamond Dynasty rewards.

2. Sub out Pitchers Frequently

Unlike Franchise mode where giving your bullpen a break could be a very smart option, Diamond Dynasty has room for a lot of pf pitchers to cycle through and pitch. Once you lose stamina, your velocity and control dip significantly. This causes wild pitches and off-target throws. To avoid that, simply sub in your bullpen frequently.
Players with the best bullpens will see a significant upside to being able to use one pitcher an inning. It gives you a fresh arm and can mess with the opposition’s groove against certain pitching.

1. Have an Identity

While you may have some of the best players, experts find that a common issue they face is a lack of identity. For example, having only sluggers in your lineup and only being able to hit a couple home runs makes for many losses.
Like a real team, identity is a big part of winning. Contact with speed at the top of your lineup, power hitters in the middle, and whatever you would like towards the end.